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Hello, we're Electric Objects. We <3 art.

Hello, we're Electric Objects. We <3 art.

We started Electric Objects because we believe that a great work of art can move you the way that a great song or book or film does. It can challenge you, inspire you, delight you, and make you feel something.

But unlike music, literature, or film, enjoying art remains a challenge for the vast majority of us. Absent an occasional visit to a museum, or a stroll through a gallery or fair, we rarely get to engage with great art and artists. And bringing that art into our homes is cumbersome or prohibitively expensive.

We started Electric Objects in service of a deeper, more frequent, and more intimate connection between artist, artwork and art fan. We endeavor to shift how we, as a culture, engage with visual art — moving away from an “art world” that values scarcity and exclusivity to a world in which art fills every home with new and critical ideas, with beauty, and with a delight that, when we look back, leaves us wondering why it wasn’t always like that.

Every detail, designed for art.

Our passion for art informs every design decision we make, from our digital displays, created for contemplation over interactivity, to our app interface, intended to make the discovery and enjoyment of art as simple as possible.

Art Credits

Left Wall: JPEGS By Eyebodega

Right Wall: 9:16 Compositions by Skip Hursh