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Electric Objects has a new home! Read more

Electric Objects has a new home

Today we’re announcing that the Electric Objects App has been acquired by GIPHY! This good news comes with a bittersweet milestone — after four years, we have decided to shut down the Electric Objects hardware business. While GIPHY will not sell or support new Electric Objects hardware, they are committed to maintaining the EO App for existing customers.
Over the last few years, Electric Objects has brought digital art into the homes of thousands all over the world. Here’s a glimpse into the impact that the project has had since shipping our first EO1 in 2015.
Artists Commissioned
Artworks Commissioned
Art Playlists Created
Hours of Art Displayed
Electric Objects is the result of the combined efforts of some really talented artists, designers, engineers, investors, and art fans. Special thanks to the EO team:
Renita Barua, Jacob Bijani, Luke Chamberlin, Bill Cowles, Dylan Fareed, Alex Ginsberg, Jessie Goldberg, Emily Haasch, Gaston Irigoyen, Lori Karns, Greg Leppert, Jake Levine, Lisa Neigut, Ben Pierrat, Eli Rousso, Zoë Salditch, Kyri Sarantakos, Rob Seward, Adrea Simmons, Hanna Stanhouse, Chris Tan, and Eileen Wang.